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Universidad de la Laguna (ULL)

University of La Laguna (ULL) is located in the Canary Islands. Due to its privileged location, ULL activities develop in the frame of a unique network, with ties with LATAM, Africa, and the European Union. ULL is highly involved in promoting research and education in tourism as well as in current social issues which are closely related to natural risks on islands.

The MYRIAD-EU project team includes both members from the Chair of Tourism and the Chair for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRRC). The Chair of Tourism is a large research network of scholars in the field of tourism, connecting ULL with main stakeholders to promote tourism knowledge and innovation at an international scale. The Chair for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRRC) collaborates with local and international institutions, giving scientific support to develop climate resilient pathways based on disaster risk management strategies, with special involvement in the current volcanic event in La Palma.