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MYRIAD-EU is set to change the way disaster risks are managed. Through its systemic and forward-looking approach, the project will offer new ways to assess trade-offs and synergies between economic sectors, hazards and their scales. EU policymakers, decision-makers, and practitioners will receive new tools and solutions to reduce and manage risks in their regions more effectively.

To ensure that MYRIAD-EU delivers actionable results, we will work closely with representatives from the economic sector we study. They are consulted at every stage of the project. This way, we unite the scientific and business communities to fully comprehend the interlinkages between different hazards and economic sectors.


MYRIAD-EU is designed to maximise impact. Through 5 different pilot studies in close collaboration with diverse stakeholders, we make sure to develop solutions to real-world challenges.

Each pilot develops a concrete disaster risk management pathway to reduce the risks in the region. These pathways can be adapted to the characteristics of other areas to create effective multi-risk assessments for other sectors or regions.

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Tools & Solutions

MYRIAD-EU is developing a broad range of solutions and tools to enable decision-makers and practitioners to adopt a new approach to disaster risk management, including open-source software for multi-hazard/risk scenario generation, policy recommendations, and many more.


Knowledge sharing

Awareness and knowledge are key to reducing risks and preventing harm. We are engaging with stakeholders from various backgrounds inside and outside the pilot regions to increase our impact.

Through different events, like workshops, webinars, or conferences, we are disseminating the MYRIAD-EU framework and advocating for the project’s forward-looking approach and solutions. We will make sure to train the next generation of researchers in systemic risk management during a summer school towards the end of the project.

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