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EGU General Assembly 2023

  • 23.04.2023
  • Vienna, Austria & Online

Join MYRIAD-EU researchers as they share their findings on multi hazards with the broader scientific community at the EGU General Assembly 2023!

From 23-28th April, thirteen researchers from MYRIAD-EU will be involved in a series of presentations and sessions focused on sharing their findings on multi-hazards within the area of natural hazards. Below are two sessions and a sample of the onsite-presentations that will take place:

Session 1: Multi-hazards: Innovative approaches to risk assessments, disaster risk reduction, and climate change adaptation by Marleen de Ruiter.

This session aims to share innovative approaches to multi-hazard risk assessments and their components (hazard, exposure, vulnerability and capacity), and to explore their applications to disaster risk reduction.

On-site presentation: Diagnosing multi-hazard risk research, practice, and policy in a European context – lessons learnt from the first year of research in MYRIAD-EU by Roxana Liliana Ciurean, Melanie Duncan, Joel Gill, Lara Smale, Julia Crummy, Dana Stuparu, and Julius Schlumberger.

Find more information about the session here.

Session 2: Advancing critical infrastructure modelling in a complex world by Elco Koks.

This session aims to share the latest developments in critical infrastructure risk modelling with a focus on multi-hazard, multi-risk, cascading events, and compound risks.

On-site presentation: Systemic risk exposure of global maritime transport, trade and supply-chains networks to climate-related port disruptions by Jasper Verschuur, Elco Koks, and Jim Hall.

Find more information about this session here.

The full programme of the EGU General Assembly is available here.