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Stefan Hochrainer-Stigler

Danube Pilot Lead, Work Package 2 Lead
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Stefan Hochrainer Stigler is a senior research scholar with the Systemic Risk and Resilience (SYRR) research group at IIASA, and the leader of the Systemic Risk Analysis and Modelling theme. He is a member of the board of directors of the Integrated Disaster Risk Management (IDRiM) Society and the board of directors for the Global Alliance of Disaster Research Institutes (GADRI). Dr. Hochrainer -Stigler studied statistics with a focus on mathematical statistics at the Department of Statistics and Decision Support Systems and Sociology, empirical branch, at the Department of Sociology, University of Vienna. He is leading WP2 Framework and Synthesis of MYRIAD-EU and focus on the financial modelling of multi-hazard and multi-risks within the Danube Region pilot.