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Disaster Risk Gateway

Reducing Risks Together: a collaborative toolbox for multi-(hazard)risk assessment and management.

Across the international disaster risk community, researchers and practitioners are working to reduce disaster risk. To support and strengthen collaborations across disciplines, sectors, and communities, MYRIAD-EU has developed the Disaster Risk Gateway

Disaster Risk Gateway is a wiki platform for discovering and sharing frameworks, platforms, methods, models, and tools to support understanding, assessment, and management of multi-hazard risks. It has been developed as a resource for anyone working within the disaster risk community. Content is crowd-sourced from across the disaster risk community.

All approaches catalogued in the wiki have been developed for or could be adapted and applied to multi-hazard, multi-risk contents. They are presented under two themes: Multi-hazard Risk Assessment and Multi-hazard Risk Management. Under each theme are summaries and links to existing frameworks, platforms, methods, models, and tools.

Multi-hazard Risk Assessment approaches speak to understanding disaster risk and include examples of qualitative, semi-quantitative and quantitative approaches for hazard, vulnerability, exposure, impact, and risk assessment. 

Multi-hazard Risk Management approaches speak to governance, policy, and decision-making. These include qualitative, semi-quantitative and quantitative frameworks, platforms, methods, models, and tools including system modelling, decision-support, and stakeholder engagement approaches. Some of these approaches are also applicable for Multi-hazard Risk Assessment.

The Disaster Risk Gateway wiki also provides a list of definitions of multi-hazard, multi-risk terminology adopted by the MYRIAD-EU project. Definitions were compiled during the creation of the Handbook of Multi-Hazard, Multi-Risk Terms, Definitions and Concepts, which was developed to promote a common understanding of terminology and concepts within the project consortium and the wider community. The definitions follow established glossaries, including the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) terminology for disaster risk reduction, where possible. 

We invite researchers and practitioners from across the international disaster risk community and related fields to contribute to the wiki and send feedback on how best to advance this resource for enhancing understanding, analysing and managing multi-hazard and multi-hazard risks. Let us reduce risks together!