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Driving Disaster Resilience: Insights from PARATUS, C2IMPRESS, and AGILE Projects

In recent months our sister projects developed several interesting initiatives regarding disaster resilience and management; understanding the true costs of disasters, fostering multi-stakeholder engagement through Public-Private-Civil Partnerships, and shaping practical tools for assessing High Impact Low Probability disasters.

PARATUS Project: Enhancing Disaster Preparedness and Resilience

  • Why should we know what a disaster costs? This article explores disaster resilience by addressing the complexities of understanding the true costs of disasters. From individual struggles to collective action, PARATUS examines the journey towards resilience, highlighting the importance of understanding both the ‘why’ and the ‘what’ to shape effective responses to adversity.

C2IMPRESS Project: Public-Private-Civil Partnerships in Disaster Management

  • C2IMPRESS recently hosted its third public webinar, which spotlighted the Public-Private-Civil Partnership approach within its framework. The webinar discussed how multi-stakeholder engagement drives the co-creation of disaster management solutions.

AGILE Project: Managing High Impact Low Probability Events

  • AGILE is hosting an online workshop on 20 June to co-create a reference library of historical High Impact Low Probability disasters. Participants will share insights on vulnerabilities to help understand why some hazards become disasters. Interested individuals can register for the workshop here and learn more about AGILE’s endeavours on their website, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts.

As MYRIAD-EU continues to foster collaboration and information dissemination among sister projects dedicated to multi-hazard risk reduction, stay tuned for further updates and developments in this vital field.

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