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EGU 2024 Award for MYRIAD-EU

Each year the EGU awards & medals programme recognises scientists for their outstanding research contributions in the Earth, planetary and space sciences. In addition, the awards identify awardees as role models to foster the next generation of geoscientists. We are delighted to announce that a member of MYRIAD-EU was included among the list of 52 recipients for these awards.

Yesterday, Marleen de Ruiter (VUA), who works as Project Manager within the MYRIAD-EU project was awarded the 2024 Division Outstanding Early Career Scientist Awards of the European Geosciences Union for her contributions to the Natural Hazards (NH) Division. In her current research, she focuses on consecutive disasters, improving modelling capabilities of multi-hazard risk and assessing the impacts of adaptation measures on Disaster Risk Reduction. We congratulate Marleen, whose work actively contributes towards multi-hazard risk research while setting a guiding example for members of the MYRIAD-EU research community.

The recipients of the awards will be celebrated during the EGU General Assembly 2024, which will be held from 14–19 April 2024. The announcement of the awardees can be found here: https://www.egu.eu/news/987/egu-announces-its-2024-awards-and-medals/