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European Commission’s Climate Risk Management: Insights from MYRIAD-EU’s

As concerns about climate change rise, the European Commission is taking steps to handle climate risks. Their recent Communication calls for coordinated efforts at both EU and Member State levels to protect society and ensure access to basic services. The Communication is heavily based on  the European Climate Risk Assessment (EUCRA) report which identifies key climate risks in Europe and suggests priorities for adapting policies. The report refers to the MYRIAD-EU’s framework for multi-risk assessment as a systematic approach to managing risks. 

The  European Commission’s Communication highlights current and future steps for managing climate risks and  emphasises the need for evidence-based decisions. This document stresses its urgency, especially in the face of increasing climate-related disasters. It calls for proactive action to enhance resilience, protect society, and ensure continued access to basic services.. 

The  Communication is underpinned by the (EUCRA) report. This report is a comprehensive evaluation conducted by the European Environment Agency to identify climate risks in Europe and inform adaptation-related policy priorities. It synthesises existing knowledge on climate impacts and identifies major risks. The report involved a wide range of stakeholders to support strategic policy making.

The EUCRA report refers to MYRIAD-EU’s research brief “Development of a Systemic Multi-Hazard and Multi-risk Framework”. The brief discusses how  MYRIAD-EU  developed a framework to assist scientists and practitioners in conducting multi-risk assessments.