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First Focus Group: Future Pathways for Scandinavian Energy Sector

In a collaborative effort on November 2, 2023, stakeholders from the Norwegian energy sector gathered for the First Focus Group, conducted in partnership with the SusRenew project. The meeting, in collaboration with energy users and producers, brought together key players from the industry and from research organisations to discuss and shape the future of climate risk management in Scandinavia.

The aim of the First Focus Groups was to test in the Pilots the different methodologies and tools developed by the colleagues involved in the thematic work packages (WP) of the MYRIAD-EU project. For this focus group, the researchers used the interview methodology developed by WP4 and engaged with participants from diverse backgrounds, both online and offline. Online participants included entities such as the Civil Defence Department at Statsforvaltar Vestland, Huseiernes Landsforbund, Department for Renewable Energy in the Vestland County Municipality. Offline participants, a mix of industry stakeholders and researchers, represented organisations like Deep Wind Offshore, Samfunnsbedriftene, the University of Aalborg, and the Institute for Energy Technology.

The discussions revolved around crucial topics, with the first part focusing on known and new hazards. Stakeholders mapped the multi-hazards’ knowledge in Norway, followed by in-depth discussions. The second part delved into understanding how the energy sector is exposed to climate change and its vulnerabilities. Social planners and industry stakeholders contributed unique perspectives, enriching the dialogue.

Key points emerged from the discussions, highlighting water availability, existing functionality and objectives of sectors, the importance of global collaboration in research, and potential future developments. The group also touched upon possible future hazards and responses, as well as the side effects of current risk management measures and barriers to adaptation strategies.

The outcome of the First Focus Group implies a significant step towards building a resilient and sustainable energy sector in Scandinavia, with eyes set on innovation and global collaboration.