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First Focus Group Veneto pilot region – Plenary Session Unveils Promising Outcomes for Veneto’s Multi-Risk Assessment

On 13th November 2023, in a significant stride towards comprehensive multi-risk assessment, the First Focus Group for the Veneto Pilot was organised, featuring key stakeholders from Veneto’s environmental and civil protection agencies. The objective was to present and discuss the MYRIAD-EU methods for multi-hazards and multi-risk assessments, focusing on the #MYRIADHESA application at the global scale and its adaptation to a local scale in the Veneto Region. The objective was to present and discuss the MYRIAD-EU approach for global multi-hazard and multi-risk assessment, focusing on its adaptation to the Veneto Pilot.

During the session, attended by the Regional Agency for the Environmental Protection and Prevention of Veneto, the Regional Office for the Civil Protection of Veneto, the Veneto Region Environment and Ecological Transition Office, and the Veneto Region Soil Protection Office, the MYRIAD-EU method received positive feedback.

Major outcomes highlighted the appreciation of the approach and tailored suggestions to enhance its alignment with Veneto’s specific needs and practices. Stakeholders proposed fine-tuning thresholds, including the identification of the most impactful multi-hazard events and consideration of hourly precipitation data for selecting the most intense events.

Moreover, different options for the validation of the multi-hazard event set in the Veneto Region were discussed, such as introducing new impact catalogues for droughts, landslides, wildfires, and floods. The analysis of differences between observations, reanalyses, and modelled data for different landscapes, especially during extreme events, was also considered.

These valuable insights will be incorporated into the next steps of the MYRIAD-EU project , analysing future multi-hazard scenarios under climate change stressors in the Veneto Region and integrating vulnerability and exposure indicators, providing a multi-risk assessment in the Veneto Region. The collaborative efforts of stakeholders promise a resilient and proactive future in the face of evolving environmental challenges.