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MYRIAD-EU’s 3rd Annual General Assembly

From 15 -17 May 2023, MYRIAD-EU’s 3rd Annual General Assembly took place in San Servolo, Venice, Italy and was organised by CMCC. The event brought together 50 attendees representing 22 different institutes and organisations.  San Servolo, surrounded by water and lush greenery, provided the perfect backdrop to meet as a group and discuss the project’s progress while looking ahead towards the future. 

20 months in: Where are we now?

At the beginning of the week time was spent reflecting on the project’s successes over the first 20 months. Some achievements worth highlighting include the Disaster Risk Gateway, the pilot workshops, publication of the MYRIAD-EU framework, a multi-risk DAPP research paper and the MYRIAD-HESA multi-event set. These achievements have laid the groundwork towards publication of even further research and better shared understandings of underlying challenges and opportunities within the project. 

Stakeholder collaboration & interdisciplinary collaboration

At MYRIAD-EU, a strong focus is placed on ensuring meaningful stakeholder interactions and interdisciplinary collaboration, however how can we go about ensuring this?

  • Involving diverse stakeholders (e.g., scientists, practitioners, policy makers, funders) in the co-development process; 
  • Demonstrating the inherent value of their contributions to the project; 
  • Recognising the overlap of knowledge and expertise of researchers from different disciplines; 
  • Developing cross-project papers  

The MYRIAD-EU family

During the week, a real sense of the MYRIAD-EU community became apparent. This sense of community and family was reinforced by the activities organised by the Early Career Researchers which further broke down barriers and brought members closer together. No General Assembly would be complete without some light hearted fun and games. The Early Career Researchers poster session provided them a great opportunity to share their findings with other members of the project some of whom were not connected with research and science, this presented the challenge of sharing their research in meaningful ways to adhere to their respective audience, an important skill to grow as a researcher. The session was a highlight of the week as it demonstrated the strides the project has made in multi-risk research. 

Looking towards the future

  • MYRIAD-EU is excited to have a number of its members representing the project at international conferences and events in the coming months, information on these events can be found here.   
  • The pilot focus groups are approaching, this edition will be complimented by high quality videos taken at each of the five locations showcasing the organisations involved, information on the workshops and words from the pilot leads. 
  • 3rd International Conference on Natural Hazards and Risks in a Changing World: Addressing Compound and Multi-hazard risk, a conference in collaboration with NatRiskChange and RiskKAN will take place in June 2024. Click here to sign up for updates.
  • Two new segments will be introduced to the website; these segments which will explore multi-risk misconceptions and international multi-risk case studies and will be written by members of the MYRIAD community. 

Annual meetings are a great way for members of MYRIAD-EU to touch base with one another, to brainstorm and to exchange new ideas in person. So, we look forward to the next one in 2024!