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MYRIAD-EU’s new Early Career Researchers Board!

The Early Career Researchers Board (ECRB) has an important role to play within the MYRIAD-EU project. The members of the ECRB are responsible for creating new opportunities for their fellow ECRs, providing a voice to the early career researchers and ensuring ECR involvement in the decision making processes of the project. Below you can found out more about the new ECRB members, their backgrounds and what they are looking forward to most in their new roles!

Julius Schlumberger

Hi! I am a second year PhD student working at Deltares within the department of Climate Adaptation and Disaster Management. My work focus on developing decision-support tools that can help stakeholders developing and evaluation forward-looking Disaster Risk Management pathways in multi-risk settings accounting for the deep uncertainty of future climate change and socioeconomic developments. I am looking forward to be part of the ECRB to help shaping opportunities for fellow ECRs to collaborate, learn and enjoy their involvement in the MYRIAD-EU project & community. I will also be serving as the ECRB Representative for the first year.

Sophie Buijs

To briefly introduce myself to you all, I am a MYRIAD-EU PhD candidate at the Institute of Environmental Studies in Amsterdam. In my work, I am trying to advance multi-hazard recovery science by exploring various topics, using different qualitative and quantitative methods. I am excited to continue the great work done by our first ECRB in the coming two years, and serving as the Early Career representative starting from our second year as a board.

Sara García González

Hello! I am a PhD candidate in the MYRIAD-EU project at the University of La Laguna in Tenerife, Canary Islands, and I am affiliated with the Department of Applied Economy and Quantitative Methods. My research is centered around understanding the factors that influence vulnerability and resilience to natural hazards in tourist destinations, particularly within the framework of WP3 Canary Islands Pilot. I am very excited to be a part of the ECRB and to further contribute to the project!

María García Vaquero

Hello! I am a PhD student and researcher of the Canary Islands Pilot within the MYRIAD-EU project at University of La Laguna. My work focuses on the application of the DAPP-MR methodology in the context of small tourist islands. I look forward to contributing in the best way to the ECRB and MYRIAD_EU.”

Davide Mauro Ferrario

Hello! I am starting my third year of my PhD on climate multi-risk assessment at University Cà Foscari – CMCC RAAS division (Risk Assessment and Adaptation Strategies) in Venice ,Italy. In particular, I am developing a Machine Learning model for analysing impacts caused by extreme weather and climate events in the Veneto region for present and future scenarios, considering different Representative Concentration Pathways (RCPs).  I am looking forward to serving in ECRB for the last two years of the project.