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What does the energy sector expect from MYRIAD-EU?

MYRIAD-EU is studying six different economic sectors which are impacted by multi-risk events. One of them is the energy sector. The Dutch research organisation TNO is helping MYRIAD-EU to deliver tools that serve the industry and help manage climate change-induced risks.

Please quickly present your company and the sector you are representing.

The Netherlands’ Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) is the largest independent scientific research organisation in the Netherlands. TNO is positioned between universities and industry. TNO has ten focus areas of which energy transition (ET) is one of the largest. The ET unit has four programmes: Renewable energy (RE), CO2 neutral industry, sustainable subsurface, and system transition. The RE program is participating in the MYRIAD-EU project.

Please summarise the TNO’s role on the MYRIAD-EU project.

The role of TNO in the MYRIAD-EU project is to be the sectoral Representative for the energy sector, which is an important sector with respect to the safety of society. TNO has links to the renewable energy sector as well as the conventional carbon-based electricity and gas production sector, network developers and operators, and the ministries and governmental agencies in charge.

What does MYRIAD-EU matter to the energy sector?

Strategic decisions for the energy transition have far-reaching and long-term consequences for the climate, ecology as well as for the energy systems and society. Due to the high priority and the short time left to make these decisions, not all consequences can be properly assessed. This is where MYRIAD-EU can help. The project’s deliverables, risk assessment tools and methodologies, can be used to determine the risks in a consistent way across several sectors making it possible to compare the risks between sectors and prioritise actions or put risks in a broader perspective.

How can the energy sector benefit from the results the project will hopefully deliver?

The results of MYRIAD-EU can be used by the energy sector to assess potential risks in a consistent way. The assessments can then be taken into consideration for strategic decisions on the risks for the supply certainty of energy and be helpful to learn more about the direct consequence of risk factors like extreme weather or ecological events.

What would the ideal outcome be for your sector?

Ideally, MYRIAD-EU will deliver a set of balanced tools to estimate the risks triggered by climate change in connection to the energy transition towards a CO2-neutral energy system.